Home News “Partygate”: Boris Johnson more than ever in the hot seat?

“Partygate”: Boris Johnson more than ever in the hot seat?


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in turmoil. The London police announced this Tuesday, January 25, to investigate several parties organized in Downing Street and within the British high administration during the confinements.

London Metropolitan Police Chief Cressida Dick has announced that her officers are currently investigating a number of events at Downing Street, residence of Boris Johnson. But also in Whitehall, the street that hosts the high administration.

Until then, the “Met” was criticized for its silence in the face of several revelations that have occurred in recent weeks.

Indeed, between the departure drinks, Boris Johnson’s birthday party, or even the garden parties, the British, who had to deal with health restrictions, did not hide their dissatisfaction.

Boris Johnson ready to cooperate

In front of the deputies, Boris Johnson welcomed this investigation, believing that “it will give the public the clarity it needs” and “will help put these questions behind us”.

His spokesman had previously assured that he “will fully cooperate” with these investigations. Indeed, the Prime Minister is said to be “fully aware of the public anger and concern”.

The popularity of the 57-year-old leader has been in freefall for several weeks. Some deputies of his majority even openly declared that they wanted to dislodge him.

This investigation promises to be fraught with risks for Boris Johnson. It nevertheless makes less immediate the threat of the internal investigation already carried out by senior civil servant Sue Gray which was to be published this week.

Conclusions yet expected by a number of elected Conservatives to decide whether or not to dislodge Boris Johnson. Note that it takes 54 Conservative MPs to trigger a vote of no confidence.

Boris Johnson clings to his post

Criticized for these celebrations, as well as for his management of the health crisis, the Prime Minister nevertheless clings to his post. He also hopes for a resurgence in popularity after the announcement of the lifting of the last restrictions linked to Covid.

Conservative MPs want to start a debate on the ousting of Boris Johnson.

On January 12, Boris Johnson made a mea culpa in front of the deputies for his participation, on May 20, 2020, in an event in the gardens of his official residence, assuring that he thought he was respecting the rules.

For its part, Downing Street admitted a “brief gathering”. A spokeswoman said Boris Johnson attended for “less than ten minutes”.

Faced with such a flood of accusations, the opposition renewed its calls for resignation.

Parties that irritate elected officials, while Queen Elizabeth II herself had, on April 21, celebrated her 94th birthday without her family.