Home News Omicron: British doctor warns of “unusual” symptom spotted in young people

Omicron: British doctor warns of “unusual” symptom spotted in young people


After night sweats, a new symptom specific to the Omicron variant was detected in Great Britain. A British doctor noted that nearly 15% of young people presented unusual manifestations: skin rashes. said on Sky News channel that 15% of young people with Covid suffer from an unusual symptom: skin rashes.

“We have always had a small cohort of Covid patients who have funny rashes, but up to 15% of children affected by Omicron have an unusual rash,” David Llyod, London-based GP, told Sky News.

Since the start of the epidemic, another symptom has been noted in children: it is called “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome” (also called “PIMS”). The syndrome occurs between four and six weeks after infection with Covid-19 and is manifested by a lot of fevers and vomiting. According to our colleagues from La Dépèche, 700 young people have been affected by this phenomenon since the start of the epidemic and there has been one death.

Young people particularly affected by the variant

The new wave of contamination to be blamed on the Omicron variant particularly affects young people, especially young people. There is an increase of 94% among 20-29 year olds and 42% among 30-39 year olds. For 80-89 year olds, the incidence rate does not increase.