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Neuroplanet 2022: get your head back!


ATith David Foenkinos and Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, men of letters will be well represented this year during this new edition of Neuroplanète. And they even agreed to tell us the secrets of their inspiration! Other speakers will reveal the keys to their success. This will be the case of the multi-entrepreneur from Nice Cédric Messina, the vice-world champion of track para-cycling Marie Patouillet or the double world champion of apnea Guillaume Néry, who agreed to have his brain examined by one of the most famous specialists in the exploration of this organ.

The most modern imaging techniques will enable Professors Stanislas and Ghislaine Dehaene to show us the secrets of our brain. As for Professors Stephan Chabardès and Denys Fontaine, neurosurgeons, they will tell how they place electrodes in the brain to relieve patients suffering today from Parkinson’s disease, and tomorrow from other disorders.

Finally, our pathological behavior vis-à-vis our good old Earth, the eco-anxiety generated by climate change, criminal irresponsibility, shamanism or even self-hypnosis will complete a very varied program.

Full program and tickets available at https://evenements.lepoint.fr/neuroplanete/