Meizu HD60 ANC headphones arrive with Sony-powered noise cancellation

The Meizu HD60 ANC over-ear headphones were unveiled alongside the Meizu 17 flagships and they are a serious piece of kit. They feature active noise cancellation, of course, but there’s more to them than that.

Meizu HD60 ANC over-ear headphones

The HD60 is Hi-Res certified, so it will deliver high-quality audio. They connect over Bluetooth 5.0 and support aptX. There’s an analog plug if you want to use a 3.5mm jack too.

Noise cancellation is implemented by two chips. Sony’s CDX3775 handles the ANC part while a Qualcomm chip with cVc does noise reduction during calls. Both use two microphones to do their work, and Ambient mode is available (you can toggle it from the right earcup).

The Meizu HD60 are quite attractive too – they feature leather on top of the headband and on the earcups and have a metal construction. The inside of the headband is made out of soft breathable fabric that comes in black and also orange if you want a pop of color.

The 500mAh battery is good for 25 hours of listening and can be quickly charged using the USB-C port. A USB-C cable and a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable are supplied in the retail box.

The Meizu HD60 ANC will be available in China starting on May 11 (the coming Monday) at a price of CNY 1,100 ($155/€145). It’s not clear if and when they will be available abroad.

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