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Mario Vargas Llosa: affected by the coronavirus, the Peruvian writer was released from the hospital


Hospitalized on Friday after contracting the coronavirus, the 2010 Spanish-Peruvian Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa left the Madrid clinic where he had been admitted on Monday April 25.

The 86-year-old writer left the hospital where he had been staying for a few days after having “beaten the Covid” in the words of his son. The latter wanted to congratulate the nursing staff in a message sent on Twitter.

“MVLL beat the Covid. Now home to continue recovery. Thank you to the scientific and medical staff who save lives through your dedication. We will always be very grateful to them. They have been fighting this pandemic for years. All our admiration for you, ”tweeted the writer’s son.

The principal concerned also paid tribute to the nurses and doctors of the hospital via a handwritten letter.

“I asked my children Álvaro, Gonzalo and Morgana to express my gratitude to the medical staff at the Ruber Clinic in Madrid for the good results of my treatment. And to the rest of the staff, thank you for your dedication and friendship,” explained Mario Vargas Llosa in his writing.

Luc Montagnier is a famous French biologist and virologist, born August 18, 1932 in Chabris, Indre.

Mario Vargas Llosa won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010 thanks to “his mapping of power structures and his sharp images of individual resistance, revolt and failure” according to the Nobel Academy. Last year, he was also elected a member of the French Academy, although he has not written a book in French.