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Homeless: the nice gesture of Arnold Schwarzenegger


The American actor illustrated himself in the most beautiful way for these end of year celebrations. By making a donation to an association of homeless veterans, he allowed the construction of 25 “mini-houses”.

The world-famous actor posted a few pictures on his Twitter account on December 23, while visiting the houses financed by his donation of 250,000 euros.

Association Village for Vets responsible for helping the veterans of the American army who find themselves in the street also thanked the ex-governor of California for his gesture.

Very invested in the struggles against global warming, racism and even poverty, Arnold Schwarzenegger went there to talk to veterans in difficulty.

The former governor of California measures the extent of the housing crisis that has hit the state for several years. The Courrier Internationnal also reported 160,000 homeless people last June.

These temporary accommodations will allow these veterans of the American army to benefit from a dry place to spend the end of year holidays, before being able to find stability.