Home News Hamburg: two people shot dead, the terrorist track dismissed

Hamburg: two people shot dead, the terrorist track dismissed


A vast police operation took place this Tuesday, April 5 in the morning in Hamburg, in the north of Germany, after the discovery of two people initially announced as wounded by bullets. They finally died, we learned in the afternoon.

The information was first relayed by the Focus Online news site, before being gradually taken up at the national level and the British press agency Reuters echoing it.

The municipal police then clarified on Twitter that several streets were closed to car traffic and prohibited from access to pedestrians for investigation purposes.

A dead man and woman

A local police spokesman has since clarified that the two injured people have died. It is a man and a woman. The facts are similar to a murder followed by a suicide, he added.

“We have no indication that this is linked in any way to violence of a political nature (terrorism, editor’s note)”, continued the spokesperson. “We are treating it as a murder-suicide based on what we know,” he concluded.

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