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Germany: the speed limit soon on the motorway?


VS’is a radical change that could well upset the driving of German motorists. As reported in a daily article Handelsblatt, spotted by International mailthe war in Ukraine and rising energy prices are bringing the debate about speed limits on German motorways back to the fore.

Indeed, some political figures have raised their voices in recent days on the issue of the country’s dependence on Russian energy supplies and believe that a speed limit would reduce fuel consumption in the country. German environmentalists have notably spoken out in favor of the introduction of 130 km/h limits on certain sections of the motorways which were previously exempt from any restriction.

They call for this measure to be put in place quickly, and this, “for a period of nine months, for example, at least until the date fixed for detaching from Russian oil”.

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Motorways soon to be limited in Germany: the specter of yellow vests?

The divided political class

Nevertheless, the debate is raging within the German political class and the liberals accuse their environmentalist counterparts of taking advantage of the geopolitical situation in Ukraine to push through measures unrelated to the war. They themselves are strongly opposed to this measure and believe that it is necessary to “encourage” rather than “prohibit”.

In Germany, a campaign dominated by climate change

Within government, Transport Minister Volker Wissing also lambasted the Greens’ proposal, saying it was difficult to implement due to a lack of traffic signs. A justification that has not failed to anger environmentalists as the debate could escalate in the coming months.

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