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Fuels: the fall in prices will be greater than announced


Promesse held, and even more. Saturday March 12, after weeks of increases, particularly accentuated due to the war in Ukraine, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that a fuel discount of 15 cents per liter would be applied at the pump from 1er April. According to The Parisian, Friday March 25, the fall will finally reach 18 cents including tax, and this, in metropolitan France. A decree has been signed, it must be published on Saturday. “The initial announcement had been made duty free. Then you have to add VAT, which is different depending on whether you are in mainland France, Corsica or the Dom-Tom, for example, ”says a source from the Ministry of the Economy to the Ile-de-France daily.

“The VAT being 20% ​​on the mainland in mainland France, the discount at the pump will be 18 cents per liter including tax for the consumer. It will be around 17 cents in Corsica, where the VAT is 13%, and 15 cents overseas, where there is no VAT on petroleum products,” the ministry explained.

A discount of 11 euros for a full 60 liters

On average, this therefore represents a discount of 11 euros for a full 60 liters. Added to this are any rebates from groups such as Carrefour, Leclerc and Casino, and even from TotalEnergies which, as stated The Parisianwill charge 10 cents on the same date.

The reduction is made “at the level of marketers, all that is depots and refineries, which will apply the discount to bulk sales”, specified to Agence France-Presse the Ufip Energies and Mobilities, which brings together professionals of the petroleum sector.

Regarding the discount of 18 cents, it will be displayed directly at the entrance of some 13,000 service stations in the country, and not on the consumer receipt. It was the wish of the government, which had to give up the inscription of the rebate on the ticket, because too complicated to set up from a logistical point of view. Purchasing centers have already started to put themselves in working order so that the reduction is effective at the pump on the desired date.

Faced with soaring fuel prices and less than a month before the presidential election, Jean Castex announced in mid-March this discount at the pump, from 1er April and for four months. Three billion euros of credits will be devoted to this measure, which, after diesel and gasoline, has been extended to LPG and LNG. The government had also announced “exceptional financial aid equivalent to 35 cents per liter of diesel” for fishermen, implemented on March 17 and until the end of July.

Dissatisfied with government announcements, construction professionals, fishermen, farmers and transporters, joined by taxis, had organized filter dams at the start of the week, blockades of oil depots and refineries throughout France to protest against the outbreak of fuel prices. According to official figures published on Monday, the prices of road fuels sold in French service stations fell below 2 euros on average last week, falling for the first time since the start of the year.