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Fuel: fall in prices in France after months of increase


Ihe prices of road fuels sold in French service stations fell below 2 euros on average last week, falling for the first time since the start of the year, according to official figures published on Monday. Diesel fuel reached 1.9755 euros per liter on average, after a record of 2.1407 euros the previous week, according to figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition arrested on Friday. The super SP 95 fell back to 1.9737 euros (against 2.0825 euros the previous week) and the super SP 95-E10 to 1.9334 euros (against 2.0286 euros).

Prices at the pump had so far risen week after week since the start of the year, breaking new records. Before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, oil prices were already on the rise, against a backdrop of global economic recovery and still limited oil extraction by major producing countries. But the Russian offensive pushed crude prices to new heights, before a certain decline. Prices are currently very volatile – a barrel of Brent from the North Sea was worth more than 110 dollars on Monday.

“No tension on supplies”

Faced with soaring fuel prices and less than a month before the presidential election, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced in mid-March a discount at the pump of 15 centimes per liter of fuel, from 1er April and for four months. But dissatisfied with government announcements, construction professionals, fishermen, farmers and transporters, joined by taxis, organized filter dams again on Monday, blockades of oil depots and refineries throughout France to protest against soaring prices. fuels.

Fuel prices: meal deliverers on the front line

Professionals in the oil sector, however, note “no tension on supplies to date”. “We do not anticipate any tensions”, indicated a spokeswoman for Ufip Energies and Mobilities to Agence France-Presse, underlining the “regular releases of deposits”.