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Fallout shelters: the war in Ukraine drives sales up


In France, the last few weeks have been particularly fruitful for manufacturers of fallout shelters. Fearing a Russian attack in France since the beginning of the clashes with Ukraine, the French are indeed rushing more and more to the bunkers.

While Russia has been attacking Ukraine since February 24, the fear of a war with Europe is growing. In this context, most countries are preparing for the worst and yesterday, Wednesday, Paris announced that it had successfully tested the modernized version of its ASMPA nuclear missile, a process that is part of the air component of French deterrence. France is indeed the only country in the European Union equipped with nuclear weapons, which can be used either by nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SNLE), or by Rafale aircraft equipped with ASMPA.

In other words, France has what it takes to defend itself at the nuclear level, but that does not allay the fears of part of the population who fear an atomic attack. In doing so, the market is booming and the manufacturers of anti-nuclear shelters are seeing a greater number of customers flowing in and their turnover exploding.

Enzo Petrone, parton of the company Amesis Bat based in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône), has also told CNEWS that this period is particularly fruitful for his company. It offers fallout shelters for an average price of 89,000 euros and has “already signed six contracts in twenty days.”

An installation that is not simple

The bunker is equipped with a summer electricity network, water, beds, an emergency exit and a decompression chamber, all in a living area of ​​14 m2 that can accommodate up to 6 people. . Other manufacturers charge much higher prices, which can go up to 120,000 euros with a larger capacity.

There are not many companies specializing in the field, and setting up the installation takes a long time. It is indeed necessary to make a study of the ground, to request authorizations from the town hall to obtain a building permit… To this is added a waiting period of about three months before being delivered.

For other countries like Switzerland, having a fallout shelter at home has been an obligation since the Cold War. Other bunkers are also placed in public places. Also, there is a place in a shelter for each of the 8.6 million inhabitants in the event of an attack.