Home News Donald Trump wants Vladimir Putin to reveal information about Joe Biden’s son

Donald Trump wants Vladimir Putin to reveal information about Joe Biden’s son


While diplomatic tension between the United States and Russia is at its maximum, Donald Trump does not hesitate to ask Vladimir Putin to destabilize Joe Biden. The former American president wants to obtain information on the son of his successor, through the intermediary of the Russian head of state.

Interviewed this Tuesday, March 29 in the program JustTheNews, from the media Real America’s Voice, Donald Trump spoke of the period during which Hunter Biden worked in Ukraine for a gas group. It was from 2014, when his father was Barack Obama’s vice-president at the time. The ex-head of state claims that the son of Joe Biden would have received 3.5 million dollars from the wife of a mayor of Moscow at that time.

“That’s a lot of money […] Since Putin is not exactly a “fan” of our country […] I think he would have the answer. I think he should make it public”, declared Donald Trump, before adding: “I am sure he knows”.

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In doing so, the former Republican president returns to accusations that he has repeated many times, in particular during his campaign for the 2020 presidential election, and which have been denied by the person concerned. During a debate before the election which opposed them, Donald Trump had already asked Joe Biden “why, out of curiosity, the wife of the mayor of Moscow gave $ 3.5 million to your son?”. To which the Democrat had replied: “It is not true”.

Hunter Biden, a favorite target

Hunter Biden has always been one of Donald Trump’s favorite targets. His supporters have regularly criticized the fact that Joe Biden’s son had economic interests in Ukraine and China when his father was vice president of the United States.

In the past, the former Republican head of state even accused Joe Biden of having obtained the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor to protect the gas company Burisma from prosecution for corruption. Hunter Biden was then on the board of directors of this company.

Accused by the Democratic opposition of having abused his presidential duties to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rival and the business activities of his son, Donald Trump had undergone a historic impeachment procedure. He had nevertheless obtained an acquittal before the Senate.

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