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Donald Trump publishes an official press release to… brag about his golf exploits


A great golf lover, Donald Trump had a press release issued on Tuesday to indicate that he had succeeded in a “hole-in-one”, that is to say a shot allowing the ball to be returned to the hole in one times.

“Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America,” reads the header of the document. If the presentation is very solemn, the content of the message is much less so.

“While playing with legendary golfer Ernie Els, winner of four Majors and about 72 other tournaments around the world, Senior US Open winner Gene Sauers, Ken Duke and Mike Goodes, both excellent players on the tour, I made a hole-in-one,” writes the former US president.

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“A lot of people ask, so I’ll tell you: everything is 100% true,” he says, recounting his gesture in great detail.

“I am a modest person”

According to him, the ball “went up beautifully” despite “a fairly strong wind” and “bounced twice” before going into the hole.

It is on his personal golf course, in West Palm Beach, Florida, that Donald Trump would have achieved this feat.

The moment was not filmed, but a video posted on the Twitter account of Taylor Budowich, its communications director, shows the former president recovering the ball and being congratulated by his playmates.

“I won’t tell you who won the game because I’m just a modest person, and everyone would say I’m bragging – I don’t like people who brag!” , concludes Donald Trump in his press release.

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