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DIRECT – Coronavirus: the High Authority for Health today decides on the opening of vaccination to 5-11 year olds


Many countries, including France, are facing a fifth wave of the epidemic. Follow all the news related to Covid-19 in France and around the world.


The High Authority of Health will make public its opinion on the opening to all children over 5 years of vaccination against Covid-19, this Monday around 2 p.m. The vaccination of children at risk or living alongside immunocompromised people has already started last week in France.


The European Commission announced on Sunday an agreement with the BioNtech and Pfizer groups to deliver 20 million additional doses of their anti-Covid vaccine to member states in the first half of 2022 in order to facilitate vaccination campaigns.


In the Netherlands where 86% of adults are vaccinated, all non-essential shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums and theaters closed their doors on Sunday until January 14. Schools must keep doors closed until January 9. At the same time, the number of guests that people are allowed to receive in their homes is reduced to two, except for Christmas, as well as the day before and the day after this day of December 25, and for the New Year period, when it will be four. . Health restrictions imposed by the Dutch government are increasingly unpopular, with riots erupting in cities like Rotterdam and The Hague for several nights in November.


The Israeli government on Sunday banned its citizens from traveling to several European countries including France on the red list, and the United States could be added to it in order to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. These restrictions on travel abroad, which already affected most African countries as well as Great Britain and Denmark, now also apply to Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and also the United Arab Emirates.

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The French Minister of Industry, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, has tested positive for Covid-19, at a time when France is facing a high level of contamination, with some 50,000 new cases per day, the authorities announced.

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