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Extending lockdown for the third time in the national capital, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said the time has come to re-open Delhi as people will have to be ready to live with the coronavirus, and said it is impossible that Covid-19 infection cases will be zero.

The third lockdown for Delhi will come into play on Monday.

In a video briefing, Kejriwal said the Delhi government will suggest to the Centre that only containment areas in the city be declared as red zones and not the entire district. At present, all 11 districts in the city have been declared as red zones. “Time has come to re-open Delhi. We will have to be ready to live with coronavirus. We will have to get used to it,” he said.

Here are the list of activities which remain prohibited in Delhi

1. Air travel

2. Rail travel

3. Delhi metro will remain closed

4. Inter-state buses and within Delhi

5. Schools, college, educational institutions, coaching institutes, training institutes,

6. Hospitality sector including hotels, restaurants

7. Places where public gathering takes place like movie halls, malls, gymnasium,

sports complex

8. Social, political, cultural or any other gathering

9. Religious places.

10. Cycle-rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, taxi, cab aggregators, salon, barbershops and


11. Malls, market complex and markets

12. From 7 pm to 7 am people can not come out of their houses unless for

essential services like medical.

However, people aged 65 and above, people with co-morbidity, pregnant women

and kids below 10 years need to remain in their homes unless medical emergency.

Here are some activities allowed in Delhi:

1. Essential shops and stationery shops.

2. Standalone shops, neighbourhood colony shops and shops in residential

complexes, both essential and non-essential.

3. Print and electronic media

4. IT-related services shops, call centres, data centres, warehousing services, cold

storage, private security and facility management services.

5. All industrial estates will open wherever access control is there.

6. Essential goods manufacturing units and supply chain, IT hardware

manufacturing units.

7. Packaging material manufacturing units will be open

8. Agricultural activities

9. Financial sector activities

10. Goods carrier-related services

Here are some activities allowed in Delhi but with exceptions:

1. E-commerce activities can only deliver essential goods

2. In cars, besides the driver, only two people will be allowed but only for permitted


3. In two-wheelers, only one person will be allowed

4. Construction activities but only those whose workers live nearby

5. Not more than 50 people are allowed at wedding functions

6. Not more than 20 at last rites of a deceased person

7. Spitting at public places is strictly not allowed

(With inputs from ANI)

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