Home News “Death to our enemies”: Ukrainian fighters stage weapons in hand (video)

“Death to our enemies”: Ukrainian fighters stage weapons in hand (video)


In press articles or on social networks, the testimonies of Ukrainian fighters have flourished since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Arms in hand, seven of them posted a video to challenge the Russian army.

In a sequence of about 40 seconds, they stand in front of their country’s flag hanging on the wall and introduce themselves as the “women of Ukraine”.

The video, published on the occasion of the international day of struggle for women’s rights, this March 8, is subtitled in English. The fighters claim to have taken their children to safety there, to have “assured the genetic background of (their) nation” and declare themselves ready to join “the men and the Ukrainian army” to “destroy the enemy” which is in Ukraine.

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“We are going to shoot you like rabid dogs”, ends the fighter who stands in the center, adding “glory to Ukraine” while the other women answer “death to the enemy”.

A role that goes beyond the military

According to a figure reported by France 24, the Ukrainian army today is made up of 15% women. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, their role is not strictly military, they participate in particular in the manufacture of bulletproof vests, molotov cocktails.

Clinton N'Jie (right), who plays at Dynamo Moscow, is affected by this FIFA measure.

TV5 Monde also spoke about the daily life of Ukrainian women who have joined the ranks of the Civilian Territorial Defense in the various cities of the country, in particular the capital Kiev.

From abroad, some collect funds and food, participate in informing the Russian population and share the daily life of their relatives under the bombardments suffered across Ukraine.

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