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Covid-19: update on the easing of the health protocol


ATs the Covid-19 epidemic continues to ebb in France, a new wave of easing comes into effect in the country this Monday, February 28. The most awaited measure concerns the wearing of the mask. The latter is no longer mandatory in places requiring the health pass, for example, cinemas, restaurants or even in museums. However, it remains imperative in transport (trains, planes), in public administration, in shops as well as in the workplace.

There is also a change in the Covid-19 positivity test protocol. From now on, only one test (PCR, antigenic or self-test) will be necessary two days after being declared a contact case, for vaccinated people. Until then, three had to be made. If the self-test is positive, an antigen or PCR test is still necessary to confirm the result. The duration of isolation remains unchanged: seven days for people with a complete vaccination schedule, with the possibility of taking a new test on the fifth day which, if negative, allows you to leave your home.

Lowered Protocol in Schools

In schools, constraints are also being eased. The protocol goes to level 2, which allows the mask to be removed during recess. But it remains compulsory inside the school for staff and children over the age of six. A child contact case will only have to do one screening test (PCR, antigen or self-test) two days after being identified. If the latter is negative, the student may return to class. If the self-test is positive, a PCR or an antigen will be requested for confirmation.

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