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Covid-19: the fourth dose open to over 80s


ATnear the Parisian, Saturday March 12, Jean Castex announced the opening of the fourth dose of vaccine to those over 80 who had received their booster dose for more than three months, in the face of the slight rebound in the Covid-19 epidemic. The Prime Minister also said that he “strongly” recommends that people who are fragile due to their age or their pathologies continue to wear a mask in closed places and in large gatherings.

Conceding that there was currently a “resumption of cases”, Jean Castex however ruled out “changing strategy”, when most restrictions must be lifted on Monday, such as the vaccine pass. “The scientific council, which I have requested, tells us that it is above all the BA2 sub-variant which is at the origin of this rebound” epidemic. “It’s more transmissible than the original Omicron, but it doesn’t seem more dangerous,” he explained to the Parisian, relying on the fact that “the hospital pressure, which remains our justice of the peace, continues to drop”. “The improvement in the hospital and our high vaccination coverage lead us to maintain the lifting of the measures”, he pleaded, even if certain conditions fixed for the abolition of the restrictions are not met (no progression of epidemic, less than 1,500 people in intensive care with Covid).

Towards an easing of health measures

On Monday, the vaccine pass, which requires being vaccinated against Covid-19 to access many places, will be lifted even if its “health” version, which also works with a negative test for the virus, will be maintained in health establishments. health in the broad sense: hospitals, nursing homes… The mask will no longer be compulsory, with the exception of transport and, again, health establishments. This reduction concerns in particular schools, shops and companies, which will keep the choice of whether or not to impose it on their employees. Cinemas, restaurants or museums were no longer subject to this obligation since the end of February.