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Covid-19: nearly 180,000 new cases, an exploded record


Lhe level of Covid-19 contamination has reached unprecedented heights in nearly two years of the epidemic. According to a latest report published Tuesday, December 28, France recorded a new record with nearly 180,000 new cases in the last 24 hours.

A historic threshold had already been crossed on Christmas Day, with more than 100,000 cases. According to data published by Public Health France, precisely 179,807 contaminations were recorded in 24 hours. On average, over the last seven days, 87,214 people have tested positive.

The vaccination campaign continues

Tensions continue to rise in hospitals. As of Tuesday, 2,110 new hospitalizations were counted (against 1,634 the day before), bringing the total number of beds occupied by Covid patients in France to 17,405. In terms of critical care services, 417 new hospitalizations were counted Tuesday, against 328 the day before, for a total of 3,416 people supported in these specialized services in the most serious cases.

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Nearly 700,000 people also received an injection of the Covid-19 vaccine on Tuesday: 46,589 first injections, and 613,757 booster doses. In total, 51,676,653 people have had a complete vaccination schedule (76.6% of the total population) since the start of the vaccination campaign in France. And 23,059,934 people received a booster dose.

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