Home News Covid-19: In Switzerland, return of compulsory teleworking

Covid-19: In Switzerland, return of compulsory teleworking


The Swiss Federal Council announced this Friday, December 17, the new restrictions to which the country will have to comply on Monday. Objective, to avoid a fifth wave of the epidemic.

Among the measures taken, the return of compulsory teleworking. But not only. “Only people who have been vaccinated or cured will now have access to the interior of restaurants, cultural establishments and sports and leisure facilities as well as to indoor events”, the Federal Council said in a press release. In addition, in places where it is not possible to wear the mask such as nightclubs and bars, the Confederation applies the so-called 2G + rule which requires to present a negative test, in addition to the pass.

Meetings of 10 authorized people

As the Christmas holidays approach, the Federal Council has also limited the number of meetings of people, including children, to 10, if one of the guests aged 16 or over is not vaccinated or cured.

For the federal authorities, these measures must stop the infections of the unvaccinated people “because they transmit the virus more easily and are more frequently confronted with complications when they are contaminated.”