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Coronavirus: with the Omicron variant, New York City is on alert


In the United States, Covid-19 contaminations are exploding and cases of the Omicron variant also, especially in New York. The state of New York is one of the 5 states with the most cases. In the city of 8.5 million people, residents are afraid to relive the nightmare of 2020.

On Saturday evening, New York State, the fourth most populous in the country with some 20 million inhabitants, announced for the second consecutive day a record of positive cases for the coronavirus, with nearly 22,000 infections.

In Brooklyn, since the end of the week, in the fashionable district of Greenpoint, more than a dozen bars and restaurants have temporarily lowered the curtain after sudden cases among their employees or their customers.

It must be said that New York was brought to its knees by the first wave of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. The megalopolis of 8.5 million inhabitants, long nicknamed “the city that never sleeps”, had been completely deserted for many years. weeks, like in a science fiction movie. The immense avenues of Manhattan were animated only by the anxiety-provoking sirens of the emergency services, with overwhelmed hospitals and morgues forced to store the bodies of victims in refrigerated trucks.

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At least 34,000 New Yorkers have lost their lives since the spring of 2020 and the city, especially Manhattan, has never really regained its legendary effervescence before the health crisis.

A flashback

President Joe Biden on Thursday predicted a “winter of serious illness and death” for unvaccinated people. On December 1, the number of daily new cases nationwide was 86,000 on average and on December 14 it was 117,000, an increase of about 35% in two weeks. And in the country officially the most bereaved in the world by this pandemic, the death toll from Covid-19 has exceeded 800,000 on Tuesday since 2020, according to the report from Johns Hopkins University.

The variant “Omicron has arrived”, also notes New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. “We have to admit it: he is moving very quickly and we have to be faster,” the democratic councilor told CNN on Friday, a few days before his handover on January 1 with his elected successor, Eric Adams.

The mayor of New York has imposed compulsory vaccination on municipal officials, as well as from December 27, in principle, on the entire private sector, that is, 184,000 businesses and businesses.

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