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Coronavirus: a woman locks her son in his car trunk so as not to be contaminated


In order not to be contaminated by her own 13-year-old son whom she suspected to be positive for Covid-19, Sarah Beam, an American teacher from Texas, locked him, Monday, January 3, in the safe of his own car to drive him to the screening center at Pridgeon Stadium in Houston.

She wanted to have her child tested without taking the slightest step outside the passenger compartment of her vehicle. Unsurprisingly, Sarah Beam was met with the refusal of the site manager: he told her that it was out of the question for him to test his son as long as he was not seated on one of the seats. of the car.

Since the start of the Christmas holidays, pharmacies have been taken by storm by people wishing to be tested.

Based on the tapes of the video surveillance cameras of the screening center, the police proceeded on Saturday to the arrest of the 40-year-old, a teacher by profession, on suspicion of endangering a child. She was eventually released on $ 1,500 bail and received support from several of her students, who described her as “an amazing teacher, a loving mother, an inspiring woman.”

Currently on administrative leave, she still does not know the date of her appearance in court in her country.