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China: Alibaba fires employee for accusing colleague of sexual assault


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba fired an employee who accused a former colleague of sexual assault.

In her letter of dismissal, the employee is accused of disseminating false information and of having “a negative impact on the company”.

“I did not make any mistakes and I will certainly not accept this result”, she reacted to the media close to the government Dahe Daily, quoted by the Guardian.

10 other dismissed employees

Earlier in August, this employee had used the company’s intranet to denounce the assault suffered by a colleague and a client during a business trip.

According to the Guardian, Alibaba fired the colleague accused of assault but also fired ten other employees for publicizing the incident.

The Chinese justice has also abandoned any prosecution against the incriminated colleague but approved the arrest of the client.

difficult denunciation

Despite strong mobilization on social networks, the #MeToo movement to denounce sexual violence against women is struggling to be recognized in China. In November, tennis player Peng Shuai went missing for three weeks after accusing Communist dignitary Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault on social media.

The Chinese government then circulated images of the player in good health, without any proof of her freedom of movement. On November 21, Peng Shuai gave a videoconference interview with IOC President Thomas Bach. A sequence that looks like a staging.