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Carlos Ghosn holds Bruno Le Maire responsible for his descent into hell


Ifled Japan, where he was at great risk, by escaping by plane, hidden in a trunk, on December 29, 2019. Carlos Ghosn, ex-boss of Renault Nissan, returned for The Parisian on the last two years of hardship he experienced, and on the feeling of abandonment he felt from the French state. If he harbors some resentment, in particular towards Japanese justice, he is also very angry with Bruno Le Maire. According to him, the Minister of the Economy “is the one who has expressed himself in the most hostile way. (…) It was he who ordered the tax audit”.

Bercy has indeed launched a vast tax audit against Carlos Ghosn in 2019. Sign, according to the main target, of abandonment, while, during the first weeks of the scandal, he had “received the support of Renault and the State French “.

“Why France let me down”

“It was (Bruno Le Maire) who gave a clear instruction to two members of the board of directors of Renault: “We are abandoning Carlos Ghosn, we can no longer support him. (…) These are not accusations, these are facts, with witnesses. Tongues will loosen over time and we will know why France let me go, “said Carlos Ghosn to the Parisian.

Bruno Le Maire is not the only one to be the target of resentment from Carlos Ghosn, who is determined to settle his accounts with Renault. The businessman does not accept being blamed for the poor results of the past three years. “The truth is that a world number one has become a fragile little builder. It pains me to see that Renault is only a shadow of itself. »

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