Home News California: At least six dead in a shooting in Sacramento

California: At least six dead in a shooting in Sacramento


A shooting in the city of Sacramento, California on Sunday morning left at least six people dead and nine injured, police said.

“Officers have identified at least 15 shooting victims, including 6 who have died,” Sacramento Police said on Twitter.

The shooting took place in the city center, where many bars and restaurants are located. Shots were heard around two in the morning according to the local press.

In videos posted on social networks, people run in the street as the sound of gunfire is heard.

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Residents urged to avoid area

Sacramento police have urged residents to avoid the area where a heavy police presence has been deployed.

Shootings with many victims remain a recurring scourge in the United States, in schools, supermarkets or in the workplace in particular.

Dan Gelber, the mayor of Miami, said he

Gun sales have also increased in recent years in the United States, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the start of 2022, the Gun Violence Archive site has recorded more than 10,700 gun deaths in the United States, including suicides. Over the whole of 2021, the number is 45,000 dead, according to the same site.

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