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Butcha massacre: satellite images contradict the Russian version


Satellite images published on Monday April 4 by the American company Maxar Technologies combined with the analysis of photos taken by Agence France-Presse on the spot have made it possible to confirm that the bodies present in the streets of Boutcha were indeed there at the time. where the Russian army wanted to take over the city.

While the Russians accuse kyiv of staging this massacre, Maxar’s images come to falsify the Kremlin theory. On these, which go back to mid-March, we can distinguish several bodies of civilians lying dead in a street of Boutcha or on the side.

These “high resolution images (…) corroborate recent videos and photos on social networks revealing the presence of bodies lying in the streets (of Boutcha) and abandoned for several weeks”, indicates Maxar Technologies in a press release.

In an analysis of close-ups of Yablonska Street provided by Maxar, the New York Times wrote on Monday, after comparing them with video footage of bodies littering the street shot on April 1 and 2, that many of them were there. for at least three weeks, when Russian forces controlled the city.

The mayor of La Garenne-Colombes left to help the Ukrainian soldiers.

Corroborating the analysis of the New York Times, AFP was also able to cross-check these satellite images with the photos taken on the spot Saturday by its team, when it saw the corpses of at least 22 people wearing civilian clothes.

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Many bodies present in a satellite image, provided by Maxar and dated March 19, appear in the same position on the ground and in the same place as in the AFP photos, taken two weeks later.

The Russian version undermined

On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov “categorically” rejected all these accusations, saying that Russian Defense Ministry experts had found signs of “falsifications” in the images presented by the Ukrainian authorities as evidence. a Russian massacre.

This denial was repeated in New York (United States) during a press conference by the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia.

“Suddenly (these bodies) appear in the streets, lying on the ground, one by one, which to the right, which to the left, some moving, others showing signs of life”, he declared denouncing a staging “arranged by the Ukrainian information war machine”.

On the social network Twitter, the Russian Ministry of Defense considered that “all the images and videos published by the kyiv regime, which would have witnessed some kind of crimes committed by Russian soldiers in the city of Boutcha, are a provocation”.

But here again, an analysis of the images broadcast on social networks, as well as photos from AFP and the testimonies of its journalists on the spot undermine this version.

On its Telegram account, the Russian Defense Ministry more specifically suspects two bodies of moving, from a video filmed in Yablonska Street and posted online on April 2.

However, an AFP team, on site on April 3, photographed these two motionless bodies in exactly the same place and in the same position as on the video.

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