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“Burning Amber”: violent text messages written by Johnny Depp read during the trial


During the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, this Thursday, April 21, the latter’s lawyers presented text messages with violent content that the actor exchanged with relatives, without specifying the context of their sending.

“I never want to lay eyes on Amber again, that filthy whore,” he wrote to one of his friends in April 2015, two months after their wedding. “Let’s burn Amber,” he said in another message sent in 2013 to one of his friends.

“his burnt corpse”

“You said ‘I’m going to fuck her burnt corpse afterwards, to make sure she’s dead’. This is what you said you would do after burning her and drowning her,” said Ben Rottenborn, the lawyer for his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard.

Over the questions, his alcohol and drug abuse were also extensively detailed by the lawyers of Ms. Heard who, present in the room, kept an impassive face. Johnny Depp admitted to using these substances, but denied any excess.

Recalling an experience with singer Marilyn Manson, the actor said the pair had “drank” and “taken cocaine together maybe a few times,” adding he once “gave the rocker a pill” “so that ‘he stops talking so much’.

a video shown in court

Amber Heard’s lawyers later released a video into the courtroom that she had filmed without her husband’s knowledge. We see Johnny Depp violently opening and closing kitchen cupboard doors before pouring himself a large glass of wine.

“I did not try to intimidate Miss Heard. If she was intimidated, why was she filming? If she was scared to death, why didn’t she leave?” the actor asked after watching the video.

The day before, this Wednesday April 20, he had assured to have lost “everything” because of the accusations of violence of his ex-wife, trying to convince the jurors that it was she, on the contrary, who carried the blows.