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An iconic house inspired by a Mayan temple on sale for 3 million euros


Signed by the American architect Lloyd Wright, this sumptuous villa located in Los Angeles was recently put on the real estate market at a price of 3.295 million dollars, or approximately 3 million euros.

Nicknamed “Derby House”, this architectural gem was built in 1926 by Lloyd Wright, son of the famous and prolific architect Frank Lloyd Wright, on behalf of businessman James Daniel Derby.

This neo-Mayan style residence has been marketed since the end of March by The Agency, an agency specializing in luxury real estate and exceptional properties. The last sale of this masterpiece of the Wright family dates back to 2016, when it sold for 2.335 million dollars or approximately 2.17 million euros.

A listed heritage property

Located in Glendale, in the suburbs of Los Angeles, this house has been listed on the United States National Register of Historic Sites since 1978. Clad in ornamental concrete blocks interlocked with steel rods, its exterior facades take their inspiration from ancient Mayan architecture.


This unique dressing technique was implemented by Lloyd Wright with the help of his father. Moreover, the neo-Maya design of the “Derby House” echoes two emblematic villas designed by Frank Lloyd Wright a few years earlier, namely the “Hollyhock House” and the “Ennis House”, built in Los Angeles respectively in 1921 and in 1924.

Over the years, this villa of nearly 320 m2 spread over two floors has been preserved and modernized. It now has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a loft-style library and even an office.


The main level serves a backyard as well as a shaded patio while the second floor includes a terrace that overlooks the surrounding hills.



Concrete, wood and glass are the three elements that make up and structure the interior spaces of the “Derby House” such as the use of cathedral style windows, oak floors and exposed stone decorative elements.


One of the centerpieces of this exceptional home is undoubtedly the double-height living room bathed in light thanks to these window walls.

living room3-size640_6266d1345f78a.jpg


living room4-size640_6266d1a113714.jpg

Growing near the property, yuccas have been used as decorative motifs. They are found on the gratings of garage doors and on those of French windows, but also on the gratings of fireplaces as well as on cupboards.

Surrounded by lush nature including California oaks and eucalyptus trees, the villa also benefits from land covering a total area of ​​6,070 m2.


Note that in the announcement published by The Agency, the sale of this amazing house also includes unique objects related to the history of this historic residence such as framed architects’ plans, a photo album and original lamps transmitted by each owner since 1926.