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Amsterdam: two French tourists injured with a knife in the Red Light District


Two French tourists were injured in the hands by stab wounds in the night from Sunday to Monday while they were in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, announces the police.

“The suspect fled. We have not found him anymore,” a police spokesman told AFP.

No information was given on the motive of the suspect, but the two victims intend to file a complaint, according to the spokesperson.

The stabbing happened around 3:00 a.m. (01:00 GMT) in the Old Church Square in the heart of the Red Light District. A witness to the scene would have contacted the police to give his testimony.

hand injuries

The two tourists, aged 22 and 27, suffered injuries to their hands. “One was able to be treated on the spot, while the other was transferred to the hospital”, continues the police source.

This district of Amsterdam, particularly known for the prostitutes present behind the windows, has become the scene of attacks of all kinds.

The Dutch police have even renamed it the “square kilometer of misery”, as local crime has increased in recent years.

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