Home News A rough ruby ​​estimated at 120 million dollars presented in Dubai

A rough ruby ​​estimated at 120 million dollars presented in Dubai


It is without doubt one of the most expensive rough (uncut) stones in the world. The Burj Alhamal ruby ​​is due to be auctioned in Dubai soon.

This “jewel” of 8,400 carats, estimated at 120 million dollars, has just been presented in a hotel in the city of the United Arab Emirates on Friday April 15. It is one of the “rarest rubies”, according to Patrick Pilati, the managing director of SJ Gold and Diamond, who exhibits it.

The stone with green and purplish colors (pictured below) is “a rough ruby ​​from Tanzania… it is unheated, which means it has not been treated. So it is natural and that is why it is precious,” he told AFP.

Nicknamed Burj Alhamal (The Ram), the ruby ​​weighs 2.8 kilos. It will be on display in the next few days at different locations in Dubai, ahead of its auction in the coming weeks.

More gems coming soon

Last month, a giant diamond called ‘The Rock’ was also shown for the first time in Dubai as well.

The 228.31-carat, pear-shaped stone, mined and polished in South Africa more than 20 years ago, is the largest white diamond ever graded, according to auction house Christie’s. Auctioned in mid-May in Switzerland, it could be sold for 30 million dollars.